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OpenVision LT Video X-ray System

Handheld X Ray Scanner Robot Deployed X Ray Scanner
Portable X-ray Video Imaging

This is REAL real-time robot deployed and handheld X-Ray!

 OpenVision™ portable X-Ray scanner systems deploy within seconds directly from a field case. No computer to boot-up, no waiting for results. Safe as a handheld X-Ray machine, but can also be used as a robot deployed X-ray without modification.

 Access to only two sides of a package will allow our X-Ray scanner to give three dimensional perspective, allowing the officer to scan any size package in any location, even up against a wall.

When the impact on the public matters, only OpenVision™ portable X-Ray video reveals the threat within seconds.

Images are presented on a high-resolution 6.5” LCD display and/or a head mounted display. A solid-state WIRELESS video recorder with LCD display provides an optional viewing station and also provides storage of inspection images in video or still format for playback on any display or PC.

GSA Schedule Department of Homeland Security listed


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